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Audits with So.build

Before we start with the BIM implementation itself we need to carry out a number of analyses. The analyses include hardware and software audits and assessment of the current practices – how CAD or BIM applications are currently used, what standards are applied, how departments cooperate with each other and how they communicate.

The software audit focuses on software tools used in the company. It includes assessment of the operating system and other programmes and adjustments to their settings and assessment of the current state of the installed software.

BIM implementation with So.build

BIM implementation requires a meticulous and systematic approach which takes into account specific processes within the company. With So.build you will be able to start using your software BIM without losing productivity, time . So.build will protect your investment in the software enabling you to use it efficiently and effectively for your design work in 3D.

The result of the implementation is a well-trained design team that will be able to carry out the pilot project successfully and continue to work on new projects using the newly implemented BIM technology.

Trainings with So.build

We devise an training programme for the employees to ensure that they are able to carry out their tasks efficiently and independently using the software.

As the staff becomes more familiar with the software, we offer advanced specialized trainings focusing on specific topics chosen by the company.

We also provide initial trainings for new employees joining the client company to help them become full-fledged members of the design team as soon as possible.

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