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A range for Revit (Revit Excavation Cut and Fill – Pic.revit Site layout planning) is a French software corporation founded in 2017, the company is developing « Revit excavation Cut & Fill » a range of software solutions for architecture, engineering, construction in Revit.

Software for Revit

We offer software (technical and engineering design offices, construction companies, public works companies) an innovative and efficient approach BIM, building data and urban information modelling.

Revit excavation Cut & Fill

Revit excavation Cut & Fill software is a powerful tool designed specifically for construction professionals using Autodesk Revit. It provides a comprehensive solution for planning, designing, and managing excavation work in civil engineering and construction projects.
With Cub.revit leverages the Building Information Modeling (BIM) capabilities of Revit, allowing users to create detailed and accurate excavation models that integrate seamlessly with existing building models. With its intuitive and user-friendly interface, Cub.revit enables users to work directly within the familiar Revit environment, streamlining the integration of excavation data throughout the design and construction process.

One key feature of Cub.revit is the automatic creation of terrain models from topographic data. Users can import topographic survey files or connect to online services to obtain precise terrain data. Utilizing this information, Cub.revit automatically generates a 3D terrain model with contour lines, slopes, berms, and other geometric features. Users can further refine the model by adding specific elements such as roads, ditches, foundations, embankments, and more.
Cub.revit also offers advanced functionalities for simulation and analysis of excavation work. Users can define parameters such as cut and fill volumes, maximum and minimum slopes, soil constraints, and more.
The software then performs accurate calculations to generate material quantity reports, excavation schedules, and visual simulations of the excavation process. This allows users to assess the impact of excavation work on the site, identify potential issues, and make informed decisions.

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Pic.revit Site layout planning

Site layout plans are an integral part of construction projects, providing a comprehensive overview of the project’s physical surroundings and the relationship between the building and its site. With Pic.revit, professionals can create detailed and accurate site layout plans, integrating them seamlessly with the overall building design.

To create a site layout plan, users can leverage Pic.revit’s tools for placing site components such as walkways, roads, utilities, waste management and recycling areas and landscaping elements.
These components can be accurately positioned and scaled based on real-world measurements, ensuring precise representation of the project’s site plan.

Revit also allows for the creation of site-specific annotations and graphics, including dimensions, labels, symbols, and hatches. These elements help communicate important information about the site layout, such as setback requirements, parking areas, access points, and utility connections..


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